About us

«Zavod Stalnykh Konstruktsiy» LLC is ready to offer our partners full range of services related to manufacturing steel structures for various types of buildings and climatic categories in compliance with GOST 23118-2012 standards.

Manufacturing complex area:
15 000 m2

Manufacturing capacity:
2 000 t/m

Personnel amount:
more than 400 employees

«Zavod Stalnykh Konstruktsiy» LCC

More than 400 employees of our company are highly qualified welders, steel structures assemblers, CNC equipment operators and technical engineers.

Our specialists have TOTAL company certificates for welding and painting works for Kharyaga-2 site. Our plant is included into the main suppliers list of Stroytransgaz JSC.

Anti-corrosive coating application technologies and quality are certified by JOTUN, Korroziya JSC, Morozovsky Chemical Plant CJSC. Materials used are included into Gazprom list as applicable for extremely hard working conditions from +50 to -60 C. Another activity area of our company is manufacturing walling and roofing materials. “Andalusia” metal tile (wave height 48mm, “hidden” Z-lock attachment system), manufactured by our company using Samisor equipment, knows no equivalents. Our profiled sheeting varying from С9 walling to Н60 roofing types (different thickness levels; galvanized or polymer-coated), metal sidings and finishing elements of different types are able to meet requirements of both private and industrial clients.

Our activities also include manufacturing expanded steel sheets and welded mesh. Alternate design activities include steel slitting operations.

In 2013 our company successfully passed integrated quality management system certification based on MS ISO 9001-2011 and complying with GOST ISO 9001-2011 standards.

Stock materials and components required for our activities are directly supplied from iron and steel plants and manufacturers. Warehousing facilities capacity enables to store and process up to 10 000 tons of rolled steel of more than 500 types.


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