Metal Welded steel structures manufacturing workshop

Shop Painting and shot blasting

On LLC "Plant of steel structures" in February 2015 put into operation a new modern painting shop of steel structures. All workshop equipment manufactured on a special project in Germany. The equipment corresponds to its characteristics directives and standards of the EU and have certificates of conformity.

The equipment in the new shop Coatings lined up painting with elements of automation and remote control system, comprising according to acting in the plant process, agreed with the customer:

1) shot-camera [internal dimensions - LxBxH = 15h6h5 (m)] for the preparation of the steel surface m / k before application of paints and related coatings in accordance with ISO 8501-1, ISO 8503-1, with a guarantee of obtaining the desired surface roughness of steel substrates corresponding to the degree of surface preparation by abrasive blasting Sa 2 ½ (very thorough cleaning) in accordance with ISO 8501-1: 2007 .; well, except for this shot the camera at the factory has specialized cleaning station s / abrasive material - nikelshlakom;

2) Paint installation of open type in the amount of 4 pieces: with a total length of 72m [size of one unit: LxB = 18x 9 (m)], a mobile telescopic drying chamber [size camera: LxB = 18x 9 (m)], moving the open paint area in the longitudinal direction and work on each of 4 positions, with all the working positions provided for automatically controlled by the connection to connect to the channels of the circulation of warm (t = 20 ... 22 ° C) air. In the drying chamber with a longitudinal blowing drying attained the required temperature;

3) high-performance equipment for applying coatings leading American firm «Grako» with the two posts, significantly reduces the time of coating and improve the quality and reliability of the coating.

The equipment allows the use of any type of LPC, appointed at the request of the customer. This new technology, introduced at the factory, can significantly reduce the drying time of coatings, improve the quality and reliability of the LPC, as well as significantly increase the volume of the issue of painted steel structures.

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