Welded steel structures manufacturing workshop

Zavod Stalnykh Konstruktsiy LLC manufactures steel structures of different difficulty, shape and size, including dimensional, technological and construction structures, welded and bolted-type. Manufacturing capacities include full cycle of steel structure production from blanking to packing and delivery

Manufacturing capacity:
15 000 t/y

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Blank preparation section

In order to achieve required working capacity we use technological section of automated blank manufacturing. We use latest Peddinghaus equipment including shot blasters, band saws with a plate cutting unit and roller conveyorс, drill unit, NC thermal cutting unit, plate processing unit.

Steel structures welding and assembling

Steel structures welding sections have the latest equipment able to fulfill all welding seams quality requirements. Works are carried out by qualified personnel only.

Anti-corrosive processing workshop

Our steel structures are processed against corrosion in a new workshop using latest European equipment. Processing includes shot blasting, surface preparation, coating and drying in a mobile chamber.

Zavod Stalnykh Konstruktsiy LLC has gained experience in providing solutions for anti-corrosive protection of its steel structures, using coating materials of leading companies, i.e. «JOTUN», «Hempel», Morozovsky Chemical Plant CJSC, Korrzashita JSC, Scientifically Industrial Holding VMP CJSC.

Working capacity:
1000 t/m

Cleaning grade:
Sa 2½ , Sa 3


Steel structures manufacturing is a complex process, which seems impossible without the preliminary cleaning from rust and scale. Modern US shot blasting equipment has made possible achieving ideal cleanness of manufactured steel. As a result, we have potential blanks with surface is not only perfectly clean but also with a kind of shagreen ideal for further anti-corrosive processing of future items.


Anti-corrosive processing and coating comprise the final manufacturing stage. Our company is proud of its top quality manufacturer reputation.

Project designing group

Our company has the project designing group which enables us to develop work execution projects and prepare detailed drawings for steel structures manufacturing.

Advance Steel

Nondestructive testing laboratory

Testing objects:
  • Buildings and constructions
  • Steel structures
Testing methods
  • Ultrasonic
    • ultrasonic defect detection
  • Magnetic
    • magnetic-particle test
  • capillary
  • visual and measuring
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Anti-corrosive coating production

Anti-corrosive protection complies with GOST and ISO standards, implemented in TOTAL, Gazprom, LUKOIL companies.

Coating production
  1. Preparing surface for coating according to GOST 9.402-2004 and ISO 8501, 8503 includes the following operations: surface degreasing using organic solvents, deoxidization, blasting with dry pressurized air for dust removal.
  2. Priming.
  3. Final coating.
All coating works include preparing process procedures and production control process chart. Activities are recorded and coating approval acts include materials quality certificates, coating quality approval acts (concealed works acts), anti-corrosive activities logbooks.

Mobile drying chamber

Coating activities fully comply with the following standards:

SNiP 2.03.11-85 Structural steel anti-corrosive protection.

GOST 23118-2012 Structural steel. General technical specifications.

R Gazprom 9.1-008-2010 Anti-corrosive protection. General requirements for internal and external protective coatings of technological equipment, ground steel structures and building structures.

Design Department software

Our Design Department uses the latest architectural software, such as Advance Steel (3D visualization), that helps us to acquire maximum accuracy while designing steel structure drawings and develop even the most difficult connections.

This program was created for working directly with the manufacturing area. The customer’s files are uploaded to the equipment software; the equipment converts the files into codes and programs and after that the programs can be uploaded to the equipment units directly via the network. Manufacturing process is managed using a control panel or an NC unit (for the operator that means working on a PC), equipment diagnostics is carried out remotely.