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Steel structures

We use latest high-efficient equipment. Our company keeps its reputation of high-quality steel structures manufacturer.

We strictly follow SniP and GOST requirements, as well as European quality standards.

Steel construction

Manufacturing steel structures is the main activity of Zavod Stalnykh Konstruktsiy LLC. We produce:
  • columns of different section and design,
  • cross-beams with welded joints or high-strength bolt connections,
  • floor beams,
  • bracings for columns and trusses,
  • trestles,
  • supporting framework steel structures,
  • built-in parts, anchor bolts,
  • roofing and siding steel elements,
  • stair steelwork, strings,
  • high-rise steel structures,
  • dome support steelwork,
  • overhead and frame cranes steel structures,
  • non-standard technological steel structures.
We also provide services for plasma or pattern cutting. and steel bending.

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