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Expanded steel sheets

Expanded steel sheets are made according to ТU 36.26.11-5-89, ТU 27.1-25484714-001 and other regulating documents, of low carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass or stainless rolling by cutting out and further drawing. This processing method helps to reduce sheet weight (by 80% in average) meanwhile maintaining required strength capacity., thus expanded steel sheets combine perforated sheets advantages and low cost.

Expanded steel sheets usage

Expanded steel sheets are primarily used for making floors and flight stairs. Expansion prevents from collecting oil and grease thus reducing injury risk and enabling expanded sheets to be used for making service platforms and accesses in oil and gas industry, as well as for power plants and different steel structures.

Expanded steel sheets are also used for securing manholes and ventilation holes in various machinery and equipment; as a rebar for plasterwork; for sieving reduced stone; for making supports during tunneling works; for making different types of fences.

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