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Profiled sheeting

Profiled sheeting is made of galvanized steel sheet with or without polymer coating using cold rolling. Depending on its type and aesthetic features, profiled sheeting can be used for facing walls and facades, roofing, making fixed formwork, street barriers, enclosing structures and fences.

Profiled sheets vary by sheet length, edges height and interval and also overall dimensions.

Using profiled sheeting

Profiled sheeting is used for roofing industrial and private housing buildings, preparing foundation (used as fixed formwork), fencing, siding quickly-erected structures, hangars, warehouses, garages, and as a lifting profile for slabs.

Profiled sheeting properties

Profiled sheeting is relatively lightweight, resistant to harmful conditions, long-lasting and easy to assemble. It has many types with different thickness and dimensions, thus enabling to choose the most cost-saving siding or roofing and buy the profiled sheeting for a lower price than similar materials. Steel sheeting and stiffening ribs provide necessary stiffness for roofing, vertical and supporting structures. Profiled sheeting roofing and walls do not make the building heavier and have perfect configuration.

Profiled sheeting advantages:

  1. cost-saving (the least expensive roofing material),
  2. lightweight,
  3. easy to assemble in all seasons,
  4. long-lasting (galvanized profiled sheeting service life – up to 50 years),
  5. highly resistant to harmful weather conditions,
  6. modern, elegant, of various shapes and colors.

Usage: fences, walls, roofing

Profiled sheeting is divided into three types: С – galvanized, used for fences and walls (С9, С21); Н – used for roofing (Н60); НС – profiled sheeting for roofing and wall structures (НС35)

As a rule wall profiled sheet (type C) is used for siding and making fences. It has a small wave height so it’s not recommended for roofing in order to avoid water leak. Profiled sheeting type H is used for roofing because of its wave height and capillary groove for water draining. Roofing profiled sheeting has smaller width than wall sheeting, but its bearing capacity is much higher. This enables to use roofing profiled sheeting for assembling roofing with big snow load or floor decks. НС type is multi-purpose and can be used assembling roofs, fences, walls and barriers.

Steel profiled sheeting with trapezoid corrugations.

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